Health Protection Agency (HPA) has eased travel restrictions for vaccinated locals allowing them to travel to islands without quarantine  after 14 days of receiving their second dose.

Effective from 8th July, individual with second dose after 14 days will be able to travel to local island without quarantine with negative PCR test. PCR test result taken in random sample will also be acceptable. They will also be able to stay in guesthouses. Furthermore, individuals who have travelled to local islands / tourist establishments from Male’ and are currently undergoing the mandatory home quarantine can now be released from quarantine with a negative PCR test, given that they have completed 14 days since their 2nd dose of vaccination. Additionally, kids or infants who are ineligible for vaccination and are undergoing quarantine, can also be released with a negative PCR result.

The government has also granted eases on travel restrictions for resort workers. However, resorts are expected to test samples from 10% of their workers as active surveillance once a month. Only resort workers at resorts that are not under HPA’s monitoring can travel without quarantine.

In this regard, work permit holders or locals arriving to Maldives from abroad who have already completed 7 days of their mandatory quarantine period can also be released from quarantine, given that they have completed 14 days since their 2nd dose of vaccination of any vaccine approved and listed by the WHO for Covid-19 Emergency Use.

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