The government has introduced a Departure Tax instead of Airport Taxes and Fees charged from travelers leaving from local airports in the Maldives, put into effect from January 2022.

Locals traveling economy class are only subject to $12 whereas foreigners are subject to $30. The fees increase with each flight class whether the traveler is a local or a tourist. For business class, travelers will pay up to $60. First-class fees are as high as $90, and up to $120 for people traveling on private planes. Passengers with diplomatic immunity and children under two will not have to pay any fees. However, the airline will be responsible for collecting these. For non-scheduled flights such as chartered flights and private jets, it is the responsibility of the airport operator to collect these taxes.

Through December 31, 2021, passengers departing the Maldives paid $50 in airport taxes and fees, including a $25 service charge when departing internationally regardless of the airport and an additional $25 airport development fee when departing internationally from Velana International Airport to Male’.

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