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Thailand is adapting to the “living with Covid” strategy, allowing quarantine-free travel. Thailand has reinstated the Test and Go system to boost its economic recovery and attract tourist visitors.  Fully vaccinated passengers traveling from all countries are eligible to apply under the Test and Go scheme. Registration for Test and Go scheme has commenced starting 1st February 2022.

Thailand’s Ministry of Health has approved the restart of quarantine-free travel based upon Omicron’s milder symptoms, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer deaths. The Thai government says it can control Omicron and resume the travel economy within a COVID-safe setting.

In Thailand about a fifth of gross domestic product before the virus came from tourism-related activities. Thailand moved up 18 places in Bloomberg’s latest Covid resiliency ranking with its ramp-up in vaccinations and taming of the omicron-fuelled outbreak.

Thailand has experimented with several plans over the past two years to revive the travel sector, which attracted 40 million foreign tourists and generated more than $60 billion in 2019. About 350,000 visitors took advantage of the first phase of the Test & Go program before it was suspended in late December to prevent the spread of the omicron variant.

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