Male’, Maldives, 29th June 2022 – MMPRC / Visit Maldives launched a 10-day marketing campaign with Veepee on 23rd June, with the aim of positioning the Maldives as a top of the mind destination in the French market. 

As of 8th June 2022, 732,884 tourists visited the Maldives, with France contributing 3.9% of the total market share. During this period, France ranked as the 7th top source market to the destination with 28,904 tourists arrivals. 

Veepee is a French-based company that created the concept of flash sales and is the leading company in Europe in the Flash Sales business with 24 million members in France. The company has become a major player in e-commerce and is organised in close collaboration with more than 3,000 major brands. Veepee has an affluent audience who are constantly searching for their next holiday destination, which guarantees great publicity for the destination through this campaign.

During this campaign Maldives will be marketed on Veepee’s homepage, which is frequented by up to 3 million unique visitors. A dedicated website will also be created for the destination, accessible from within Veepee’s website, while an advertisement of Maldives will be posted on the banner of the travel page of Veepee. An emailer with the information of the destination will also be sent to the 9 million visitors of Veepee. This campaign is held as part of our marketing strategy for France, which focuses on showcasing the Maldives as the most preferred holiday destination for French travellers across all affluent segments and profiles. The campaign will create great visibility for the destination and entice an engaging audience to book their next holiday in the Maldives.

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