Male’, Maldives, 17th July 2022 – MMPRC has launched an advertising campaign with Connoisseur Circle – an exclusive magazine for luxury hotels and destinations worldwide targeting an elite audience of travel enthusiasts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The campaign will continue from July 2022 until January 2023. It targets the elite audience in the German-speaking markets and to promote the unique segments of the Maldives in German language on both print and digital platforms. 

The campaign will use a multitude of platforms in online and offline channels of the publication in order to promote the Maldives as a top of mind destination and maintain presence in the luxury market. The components of the campaign will be distributed throughout the year including; advertorials in the print magazine; editorial stories in e-magazines; posts and promotional clips on social media; website banner display; and features in newsletters. The content will highlight the products and unique experiences of the Maldives, as well as a focus on nature-related activities aligned with the strategy for the target market.

MMPRC and Connoisseur Circle aim to strengthen the Maldives’ brand presence amongst affluent German travelers through this joint campaign. It is estimated to reach 30,000 consumers via newsletters, bring 21,000 monthly visits to the website, and reach 14,000 Facebook followers and 29,500 Instagram followers. Furthermore, 47,000 copies, 25,000 copies, and 9,0000 copies will be circulated in Germany, Austria and Switzerland respectively. 

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