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Male’ Maldives, 24th August 2022IMTM is pleased to announce all guesthouses who are members of the National Hotels and Guesthouses Association of Maldives (NHGAM) will be able to register for IMTM 2022 with registration fees waived off as the association is an endorsing partner of the travel and trade fair this year. IMTM 2022 will take place on the 7th and 8th September at Manhattan Business Hotel, Male’.

The IMTM Fair is a B2B Travel and Trade Fair held annually in the Maldives. Launched in the archipelago by IMTM Pvt. Ltd. in 2018, this event connects leading international travel agents and tour operators with Maldives’ accommodation providers, as well as many other members of the Maldives’ tourism industry. This is a brilliant opportunity for guesthouses to gain greater exposure and boost their businesses. They will get the chance to meet existing and new clients as well as explore new markets.

IMTM has continuously strived to promote the guesthouse industry of the Maldives. Research indicates that the guesthouse industry has not been optimally represented through travel agencies and tour operators for the past 12 years. Most guesthouse establishments rely heavily on OTA such as and Even though OTA’s are an integral part of guesthouse tourism, one of IMTM’s objectives is to bridge the gap between travel agents and tour operators with the guesthouse industry of the Maldives in order to provide them with diverse opportunities to expand their businesses. The IMTM travel and trade fair is the most instrumental B2B platform for guesthouses to promote their businesses. 

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