Male’, Maldives, 6th November 2022 – SIMDI Group and ARABESQUE’s new airline, BEOND, has begun hiring pilots and cabin crew. Set to be the world’s first luxury ever luxury airline for leisure travel, BEOND opens a whole new world of luxury, opportunity, and class to the hospitality and travel industry in the country and the world as a whole. 

Photo credits | SIMDI Group

As a new airline based in the Maldives, BEOND will introduce hundreds of aviation jobs in the air and on the ground. It will also bridge the connectivity gaps of Maldives tourism and make the destination more competitive, allowing people to enjoy more direct flights to Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa, while providing a highly tailored, uncompromising travel experience.

The airline has revealed that it plans to launch its operations by early 2023, with a target set to acquire over 20 aircrafts with routes to 60 destinations across Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. Furthermore, BEOND estimates that they will directly create more than 200 new jobs in the first year of operations. Currently, it has announced job openings for Captains, First Officers, cabin crew and Manager Flight Operations, Control Center.

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