Male’, Maldives, 9th November 2022 – The acres of lush vegetation in Kuramathi render an emerald mirage arising from the blue waters. Devoted to conserving and showcasing the greenery that adorns the island, Kuramathi launched the book, Kuramathi – Quick Guide to Plants in the Maldives

Kuramathi is one of the first resorts to open in the Maldives and is part of Universal Resorts of Universal Enterprises Private Ltd, a 100% Maldivian-owned company, and the pioneer of tourism in the Maldives. Situated in Rasdhoo Atoll archipelago, Kuramathi Maldives is 1.8 km in length and tapers to a pristine stretch of white sandbank, lending a dramatic quality to the idyllic surroundings of turquoise lagoons, tropical jungle and flora.

Photo credits | Kumarathi Maldives

The event was attended by the Former President and Speaker of Peoples’ Majlis, His Excellency President Nasheed, Board Director of Universal Resorts Mr. Ali Noordeen, Honourable Members of Parliament and Councillors of Rasdhoo. The Chairman of Universal Resorts Mr. Mohamed Umar Manik also joined as a Guest of Honour.

A collaboration between Kuramathi and authors Dr. Shafia Aminath and Dr. Chanaka Talpahewa, the book is a comprehensive account of the terrestrial flora endemic to the Maldives. The guidebook compiles information about several plant species from different environments such as littoral forests and beach areas, backyard fruits and ornamental plants. 

Photo credits | Kumarathi Maldives

“The publication is a credible knowledge tool added to the extensive activities of the resort. The book captures information on 65 plants, that constitute our biodiversity and are used in our food, culture, and traditions,” said Dr. Aminath.

The resort island served as an insightful base where most of the featured flora are found thriving in several nature appreciation sites such as the 300-year-old Banyan Tree, the Botanic Walk, a route where guests can observe diverse tropical vegetation, the Nature Trail, an untouched Maldivian forest in the heart of the island, and the Hydroponic Garden where most of the fresh produce served in the buffet restaurants are grown and harvested.

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