Male’, Maldives, 29th November 2022 – On the occasion of the World Wildlife Conservation Day on 4th December 2022, Nova Maldives has launched Maldivian Flora and Fauna workshops as part of their weekly guest activities. Maldives islands and Nova is home to some magnificent creatures such as fruit bats, herons, raa bondhi, waterhen, geckos, garden lizard and plants, such as the coconut palm, ficus, screw pine and pinkrose.

This new guest activity aims to raise awareness about the live coral reef and underwater garden surrounding Nova as well as sharing insights about the magnificent island creatures and plants. Guests can learn the behaviour and importance of nature and wildlife conservation. Nova’s focus is to share knowledge on how to minimise people’s impact to the wildlife ecosystem as much as possible, give back to nature, contribute and conserve with guests and team members and to. This activity is complimentary for Nova guests and the resort invites guests to make a charitable donation to the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.), who focus on training and equipping wildlife protectors.

Photo credits | NOVA Maldives

Nova also engages in various other sustainability activities, such as Nova’s Coral Frame Sponsorship program, where guests can plant their coral in the Nova coral garden. By supporting this initiative, guests will receive online updates which capture the growth of their coral frame in real-time. Furthermore, this activity allows guests to help preserve and conserve the natural wonders surrounding Nova.

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