Male’ Maldives, 12th March 2023 – On 17th March 2023, the world celebrates World Sleep Day with a global call to action to organize sleep health awareness activities. This year’s theme, “Sleep is Essential for Health”, aims to promote the global message of how vital sleep is to overall health. Without good sleep, one’s mental and physical health, as well as social well-being affects daily tasks. Alongside World Sleep Day, The Nautilus introduces the slumber ritual to aid guests with better sleep at night.

Sleep tourism, a relatively new concept in the world of travel, has been on the rise over the last couple of years. With the stress we encounter throughout the day in our lives, we find it difficult to fall asleep at night. The number of people with sleep deprivation increased at an alarming rate during the years of the pandemic due to the amplification of multiple mental health issues, as we spent weeks and months cooped up in a small space without the freedom of a peaceful mind.

Photo Credits | The Nautilus Maldives

At an ultra-luxury bohemian hideaway where time stands still, sleep becomes an activity you can be free to do any time you please. Guests are encouraged to rest easy, disconnect with the stresses of their daily lives, and participate in any activities leisurely, whether night or day. The Nautilus Slumber Ritual is a complimentary turndown service being performed by The Nautilus’s house masters (private butler service) on the evening of World Sleep Day. The evening turndown service begins with a hot bath filled with Omorovicza bath salts to help soothe tired muscles and promote blood circulation. A warm pot of herbal floral tea with a cup of mixed nuts is waiting at the bedside for the guests. Sleep inducing lavender scent infuses the bedroom, and light, calm music is playing in the background awaiting your return from dinner. A sleeping ritual to get you into the mood for a good night’s sleep.

Photo Credits | The Nautilus Maldives

For guests who would like to take the slumber experience to the next level, Solasta Spa recommends a 2-day slumber ritual, priced at USD 455++ per guest per day, including a collection of treatments such as body polis, restorative yoga and a body massage, a journey to better quality sleep. Guests can opt for this customizable 2-day slumber ritual in the comforts of their house or residences at the island resort.

Known for its homey interior and ambience, The Nautilus prides itself in offering guests 26 ultra-private beach and overwater houses or residences with the comforts of home, one of the five brand hallmarks. Complementing the sense of space, the comforts of home describes the most elusive desire for total privacy, where you can be whoever you are right where you are. Steps from azure seas, these bohemian, suite-style sanctuaries each come with a personal house master.

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