Support Small Guesthouses in the Maldives

Guesthouse business is a new and thriving sector of tourism in the Maldives. The live-in owners have from 4 up to 10 bedrooms for the budget vacationers and have invested their lifelong savings in opening up these businesses. The Covid19 pandemic has forced the local guesthouses to shutter their doors following the plea to stay home to slow the spread of the disease. As the leisure and hospitality industry would be among the last to recover, guesthouse owners potentially face devastating financial challenges. 

This is the reality of all guesthouse businesses in the Maldives right now. With the borders closed and no tourist arrivals, there’s no income to keep these small businesses alive.

For the forgoing reasons, we have decided to start a go fund me page to help these small local businesses who are entirely dependent on the tourism industry. With the Maldives being a small developing nation, the government is unable to assist all small businesses to stay afloat with furlough schemes and loan schemes.

The Maldives government cannot afford to support all its businesses through furlough or loan schemes. The local workers do not have savings to fall back on.


Hence, we are hoping that we can ask for help from people who love the Maldives as much as we do.

  • We will assist guesthouses to help recover their business and thrive again
  • We will monitor and support local guesthouses who apply for this assistance
  • We will use the funds to assist guesthouse businesses to re-recruit their laid off employees and help them return to work

These funds will be used to provide every guesthouse that applies for this assistance with a care package of at most 50% of the salary of their employees.


Any contribution is greatly appreciated and will go to support the families devastated by this pandemic.



For over 40 years, local island communities in the Maldives have relied on business from tourists who visit these islands to enjoy the Maldivian sun, sand, sea and culture. Within the past decade small guesthouses have thrived on small islands with locals opening up their homes to welcome holidaymakers. For some island communities these businesses have become the source of their livelihood, putting food on the table and getting basic education to their sons and daughters. Now, with the Covid-19 outbreak wreaking havoc on the global economy, and the with the travel industry collapsing, its impact on small businesses in small island nations like the Maldives is catastrophic.


The tourism sector has laid off their employees on no-pay leave or have cut down to paying 15%- 20% of their monthly basic salary. Unfortunately, the guesthouse owners cannot afford to even pay this reduced wage to their employees. They have no savings nor insurance policies to fall back on.  Funds to assist these guesthouses are needed urgently…



IMTM started in 2016 with the aim of helping small guesthouse businesses grow and sustain their business. Unlike the resort hotels with well-funded marketing departments, guesthouses needed support to reach the right customers and make the right connections in the tourism industry and worldwide. In 2018 IMTM helped 600 small guesthouse businesses reach their potential clients and provided essential training and marketing strategies.


IMTM, with their incredible network of guesthouses will facilitate to get these any funds raised to the guesthouses. All guesthouses that want to participate in this will register through IMTM and funds will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

The beneficiaries of this campaign are IMTM and the guesthouse businesses in the MALDIVES. 


We will be be adding the names of the joining guesthouses here…


With airports closed and flights suspended, these guesthouses and island communities need your help.

No donation is too small…
Do visit us, we would love to see you,
Thank you…

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