Sustainable Tourism Forum STF 2023

11 - 12 DEC 2023

The Sustainable Tourism Forum (STF) is a platform for discussing and exchanging ideas and experiences related to sustainable tourism, with a focus on innovation, climate change, cultural preservation, and industry and community resilience in the Maldives.

IMTM 2024 is an initiative to help rebuild the country's tourism industry with the most influential B2B online resources

14th | 15th Sep 2024

Meet new companies that can boost your business and position your company as a leading brand in the Maldives and in the South Asian region.

IMTM 2024 Structure

01. Trade Visitors

Trade visitors in the Maldives tourism industry are professionals and stakeholders who are involved in various aspects of the travel and tourism sector. These may include hotel and resort managers, travel agents, tour operators, travel bloggers and influencers, airline representatives, government officials, and other professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in the tourism industry.






Local Travel Agents

Local Tour Operators

02. International Buyers

IMTM invites International Buyers to take on the role of exhibitors at the fair with customised booths where they can hold meetings with Trade Visitors. These booths can be tailored to the specific branding and needs of the buyers, providing a unique platform to engage with trade visitors and promote their products.

Foreign Travel Agents

Foreign Tour Operators


PR companies

03. Exhibitors

As an international tourism trade fair, IMTM provides a platform for local businesses to showcase their products and services to potential customers, including international buyers and trade visitors. Exhibitors at IMTM can use their presence at the fair to increase their brand awareness, generate new business leads, and forge new partnerships with other companies in the industry.


Transport Companies


IT Companies

PR Companies

Insurance Companies

Rental Companies


Souvenir Retailers

The portal covers a wide range of topics, including travel destinations, airline news, hotel industry updates, tourism policies and regulations, and the latest technology and innovations in the field. The platform aims to keep industry professionals, travelers, and enthusiasts informed and engaged with the latest news and insights from around the world.

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