Maldives Tourism Ministry has given confirmation that 1.7 million tourists visited the Maldives in 2019. This is a record-breaking number of tourist arrival to Maldives. In 2019, government targeted an arrival of 1.5 million tourists and the target was achieved by 24 November 2019. Growing purchasing power, increased air connectivity and enhanced visa facilitation contributed to the boost in travel within and outside Maldives.

According to the statistic published by the Tourism Ministry, by December 171,292 tourist arrived in Maldives, which was an increase of 14.7% compared to previous year. European region dominated with 49% shares of 833,904 tourist arrivals and Asia Pacific followed closely with 41.4% shares.

With 16.7% China continued to lead its contribution to the Maldives tourism. In second rank, Indian tourists have overtaken with its significant increase in tourist arrivals among other markets, with a record of 85.5% increase. It is the fastest growing market in the Maldives tourism industry with 9.7% shares. The remaining of top 5 markets include Italy (8%), Germany (7.7%) and England with 7.4% shares.

The Tourism Industry has a target of 2 million tourist arrival for the year 2020. This year will be a prospective year for the tourism Industry of Maldives with a stance for increasing tourism demand and new property developments. International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM) will work together with Ministry of Tourism to archive this target through IMTM platform targeting more business transactions between International buyers and local accommodation providers.

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