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Maldivian authorities have made it mandatory for tourist establishments across the country to submit relevant statistics through the new portal introduced, to regulate the data management of the countries tourism statistics.

The new regulation is effective since Monday and states that within three months the tourist establishments must register on the new Tourism Information Management System. Furthermore, resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and liveaboard vessels are required to submit occupancy rates and tourist arrivals categorized by their nationality, before the seventh of the following month.

Under the regulation, the ministry can request employee information and send questionnaires for marketing purposes. It also allows the ministry to request additional information from the tourist establishments during crises and emergencies.

All resorts, hotels, and guesthouses are required to keep their records for two years on-site, while liveaboard vessels can keep their records at their head office ashore.

If any tourist establishment fails to submit and maintain the records, they will be charged with a fine of MVR 100 ($6.45) per registered bed. An additional second and third violations will increase the fine to MVR 250 ($16.13) and MVR 500 ($32.27) per registered bed, respectively. If the regulations are violated more than three times in a row, a fine of MVR 1,000 ($64.53) per registered bed, with the total penalty capped at MVR 100,000 ($6,453) will be charged from the establishment.

The tourist establishments will risk losing its operating license if the fines are not paid within seven days.

This regulation will benefit to maintain the Maldives tourism database and help in future forecast and research as the country prepares to reopen its borders in July.

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