As Amilla Maldives continues to keep the health and wellbeing of guests as its top priority, the resort’s Javvu Spa has decided to divulge some of the healing secrets of Maldivian traditional medicine, known as ‘Dhivehi Beys’.

Although few traditional healers remain in the Maldives, Dhivehi Beys treatments are still popular amongst the local population and many Maldivians would travel far for treatments. The natural remedies and healing traditions have been developed over the centuries; passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation.

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residence’s Javvu Spa team, with the support of a well-known local Dhivehi Beys healer, has developed two new treatments inspired by these local healing traditions and integrated with modern techniques.

In line with the resort’s Homemade@Amilla and Homegrown@Amilla sustainability and wellness programs, this exciting new wellness project utilizes indigenous Maldivian spices and herbs grown in Amilla’s organic gardens such as ‘thamburu’,  ‘fonithoshi’ and ‘karanfoo’ to help create deeply restorative and healing treatments.

“Thamburu Beys Dhemun” treatment combines the power of Maldivian herbs with various massage techniques to support the recovery from jetlag symptoms, as well as treat discomforts such as muscle stiffness, swelling, neck and back pain, and ‘heavy legs’. The 50-minute special treatment uses a paste made out of thamburu leaves, which is applied to the guest’s back. This plant has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, which helps with muscle inflammation and pain, while the massage techniques focus on releasing muscle tension and reducing swelling.

In addition, the spa offers a 90-minute “Masgulha Filuva Beys” treatment which aims to stimulate an extremely deep muscle relaxation. For this treatment,  the massage pressure is deep and the spa therapists make use of tools sourced directly from the island: a smooth bamboo cane is rolled over the skin to deepen the pressure and glossy ‘iloshi’ (palm leaves) are used to stroke the body,  for a deeply calming effect on the nervous system.

The massages oil used in this process is homemade and infused with various local spices such as fonithoshi, mirus, aseymirus and karanfoo. These ingredients are all known for their strong anti-inflammatory and warming effects which help support muscle recovery, making it the perfect treatment for very active people and professional athletes.

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