Last Tuesday, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has launched the ‘Rediscover Maldives Webinar Series’ a component of the crisis recovery action plan, targeted to reconnect with the travel trade and the media of specific markets globally. This is part of the “Rediscover Maldives…the sunny side of life” campaign, which was launched with the reopening of international borders aiming to strengthen the market presence and welcome tourists back to the Maldives.

The webinar series will consist of 4 sessions of 1 hour each in total, held once a week for selected markets. It is hosted by MMPRC in the format of a panel discussion where PR representatives from each market and industry partners will join. These series will create destination awareness by discussing the impacts of COVID-19 and emphasize the recovery strategies in the tourism industry, as well as introduce the new norms in traveling and rebuild the confidence in the destination as a “safe haven” for tourists. The Maldives is considered one of the safest countries to visit due to the stringent measures taken in tourist establishments and the safety provided by its unique geography.

The first session of the webinar series was held on September 1, targeting middle east agents. The session initiated a campaign ‘A Dozen Must-Do Experiences in the Maldives’, which aims to promote unique experiences, such as flying above the islands, swimming freely in harmony with nature, and treehouse adventures, to connect with and entice them to visit the destination.

Amidst the changing situation in several markets, MMPRC has been participating in and conducting several marketing campaigns such as destination training for the travel trade in key potential markets and virtual events for travel trade and consumers. This includes “Maldives, The Sun Will Shine Again” Facebook Live Event, “Dream to Travel Festival”, an online event organized by Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), webinar sessions targeted to Chinese and Indian travel trade, an online campaign with Kayak, a global advertising campaign with CNN and more.

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  1. My last trip was awesome,any miles left and more to go, Happy Selling Maldives !

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