Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has concluded the first 3 sessions of the Rediscover Maldives Webinar Series.

The webinar series is a part of the “Rediscover Maldives…the Sunny Side of Life” campaign. It is hosted by MMPRC together with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health, PR representatives from respective markets, and industry partners. The webinar series consists of 4 sessions, for selected markets and is hosted in the format of informative discussions and video clips.

The first session was successfully conducted for the Middle East, European, Asian, and American markets. During the session, MMPRC initiated “A Dozen Must-do Experiences in the Maldives” campaign which showcases some of the most attainable experiences in the Maldives. The second webinar concluded on the 8th of September for the markets of the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and the USA. The third webinar was held today (10th September 2020), with over 300 participants, and focused on the markets of Southeast Asia, India, China, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

MMPRC states that these sessions include discussions on the impacts of COVID-19 and emphasis is given on the recovery strategies in the tourism industry. It also highlights the new norm in traveling to give participants a better understanding and rebuild their confidence in the destination as a “safe haven” for tourists. Due to the unique geography of the country and stringent measures are taken in tourist establishments, many consider the Maldives one of the safest countries for traveling.

Industry partners took the initiative to transport participants virtually to the Maldives as they presented the unique experiences available at their properties for tourists. Furthermore, MMPRC has also been participating in and conducting several marketing campaigns on online and digital platforms such as destination training activities targeted to key markets and travel trade and gearing up for more global campaigns in these coming weeks. 

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