The Tourism Ministry of Maldives has announced the facilitation of ‘split stay’ between all types of tourist accommodations in the Maldives, including resorts, guesthouses, hotels and livaboard boats.

The ‘split stay’ will allow tourists to experience more than one accommodation facility, encouraging them to stay longer in the Maldives during their holidays. According to the Ministry of Tourism, all accommodation facilities must take prior approval as per split-stay procedure and guideline from the Ministry. The guidelines state that split-stay are only permitted between facilities that meet all compulsory requirements under the ‘split stay guideline’ approved by HPA. Furthermore, all facilities must submit no objection form for the split-stay (request for approval) to the Ministry of Tourism two days prior to the traveling date. The form is available at the tourism ministry website.

The tourist facilities must comply the following to receive the split stay approval.

  • Ensure that during travel, staff and crew of the vessel wear masks and follow all HPA guidelines.
  • Maintain the records of Tourist temperature and check for fever and other respiratory symptoms prior to departure from the tourist facility.
  • No Tourist must be allowed to leave the tourist facility while in isolation, quarantine or if he/she has fever or respiratory symptoms.
  • Tourist facilities must refrain the movement of tourists between tourist establishments, despite of any given No-objection for tourist travel movement between inter-tourist facilities by Ministry of Tourism while under a declared status of “ongoing transmission” or “community spread” by HPA.
  • No tourist establishment shall transport any movement of tourists out of the resort or between tourist establishments if the resort has a reported case, a suspected case or an isolation/ quarantine case.
  • If the status of the destination island changes while tourists are on the way to the tourist facility, the tourist should seek an alternative tourist facility with the approval from Ministry of Tourism.

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