According to previous statistics, over 76000 tourists have arrived in the Maldives since borders reopened on 15 July 2020, till 30 November. Almost 460,000 tourists have arrived overall in 2020.

The top tourist arrival market for the Maldives has been from Russia with over 16,000 tourists, followed by India with over 9200, the United Kingdom with over 5300, over 5200 from the United States and 4500 from the United Arab Emirates.

The tourism industry of the Maldives is in steady recovery as many airlines from different countries resume operations worldwide or to the Maldives. Many travel bubbles are expected to be placed with the Maldives as well, especially after many health and safety precautions have been adopted by resorts and hotels in preparation for their reopening.

The Minister of Tourism Honorable Dr. Mausoom Abdulla stated that over 18 airlines are expected to resume operations and increase connectivity between the Maldives amd other countries. Experts have stated that a rise in arrivals is expected during the upcoming holiday season as well.

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