President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has launched the first issue of the Maldives Tourism Bulletin Magazine on 1 January 2021.

The Maldives Tourism Bulletin Magazine is a tourism magazine published by the Ministry of Tourism. According to a tweet by President Solih, he emphasized his confidence in the magazine that would reach the appropriate stakeholders, including students and visitors. The magazine aims to promote the Maldives as the ideal holiday destination for travelers, depicting the governments’ plans to further boost the tourism sector of the Maldives.
The tourism industry of the Maldives was deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as many government regulations were implemented worldwide on travel to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Since borders have reopened on 15 July 2020 to welcome back tourists, with numerous resorts and guesthouses resuming operations.

Despite the challenges faced during such a crucial time, Maldives has been gaining international recognition through a variety of awards and accolades due to the safety measures and precautions in place to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Maldives recently won the World’s Leading Destination award by World Travel Awards 2020, alongside 4 awards in the Indian Ocean category. These categories are Indian Ocean’s Leading Beach Destination 2020, Indian Ocean’s Leading Cruise Destination 2020, Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination 2020, and Indian Ocean’s Leading Dive Destination 2020. Besides, Maldives has won the Indian Ocean’s Best Spa Destination award by World Spa Awards, and more.

The President expressed his optimism that the tourism sector would recover and further strengthen in 2021. The magazine can be accessed at

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