The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands, expects to welcome guests to the resort of island life in the second quarter of 2021.

The 100-villa resort on the beautiful beaches of the North Malé, Maldives, possesses philosophy and design that centers around the notion of totality and the true spirit of the Maldives. The resort’s minimalist circular architecture and the holistic philosophy of wholeness is one that the Maldivian culture and environment support. The vision behind the design was led by Kerry Hill Architects.

The design was inspired by the natural landscape of the turquoise lagoon and the swirling ocean breezes, embracing the circle of island life, with modern architecture meeting the Maldives. Interior and exterior design are humble, minimalist, and visually lightweight, leaving little impact on its environment and always maximizing views to the horizon and the connection with the elements.

Kerry Hill Architects noted, “The masterplan is directly shaped by ocean forces, the wind, and waves. The circular villas sit comfortably in the bright Maldives sunlight, shadows are soft and breezes flow freely between buildings. The design is inspired by the dual personality of the site, embracing contrasts between the open ocean and calm lagoon, daytime shade, and the expansive night sky, contemplative and active spaces”.

Each villa is designed to provide total privacy, shaded by the clean curves of the structure, but shows stunning views of the water and landscape around. All bedrooms look out to the horizon through panoramic sliding doors that dissolve the barrier between inside and out, with a curved deck and private pool merging into the ocean beyond. Interior villa design also continues the simple approach to detailing with a limited palette of natural materials and color hues. Furniture, rugs, and fabrics have been custom designed by Kerry Hill Architects, drawing influence from local craft traditions in collaboration with Maldivian and international artists.

Minimizing the impact on the fragile reef ecosystem was paramount in the design of The Ritz-Carlton Maldives. By using pioneering pre-fabricated design methods and materials, KHA has ensured that no cutting was necessary on the island, reducing heavy operations and, crucially, generating zero waste or pollution.

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