The Reethi Faru Resort focuses on their commitment to sustainability, by working on the recovery of their house reef since the development of the resort.

The project will now focus on a variety of coral species to increase and improve the diversity used in the house reef. Due to global warming, coral reefs worldwide have been significantly affected, thus Reethi Faru has adopted numerous techniques and methods along with their marine biologist to conserve and revitalize coral growth.

Along with vigilant observations on the constant changes in the ecosystem, the techniques were changed and adjusted to match with the conditions and environment the corals would grow in, choosing to either create artificial reefs or put in a coral nursery to help grow the corals in the natural environment. Thus, all the effort revealed signs of recovery and regeneration.

The resort stated, “Taking it a notch higher, our new goal is to increase and improve the diversity of the coral species in the reef. Resilient coral species that have overcome and survived the bleaching are being identified and categorised – abundant and non-abundant species. Currently, the focus is on breeding and growing the non-abundant species in our coral nursery that will eventually be replanted in the natural reef. We hope to not only restore the health and life of our reef but also to restore the diversity and abundance of the corals.”

Along with the project, Reethi Faru Resort has initiated two more campaigns to promote sustainability and conservation of the environment called ‘Adopt A Coral’ and ‘Adopt A Tree’. Reethi Faru Resort won the Indian Ocean’s Leading Green Resort 2020 award and was nominated for the World’s Leading Green Resort 2020 and Maldives’ Leading Green Resort category at the World Travel Awards 2020. Additionally, the resort became the proud winners in two categories – Luxury Eco Resort (Regional) and Luxury Spa Resort (Continent) – at the recently concluded World Luxury Awards.

Reethi Faru is a luxury escape on the secluded, pristine & private island of Filaidhoo. The one-of-a-kind tropical island paradise, where the glistening crystal clear ocean meets the endless white coral sand and where its lush foliage turns it into a truly magical lagoon escape. From the moment stepping into its crystal clear light blue waters stretching across the soft sands, guests are immersed in tranquility. A truly magical yet unique place where you can choose from a plethora of experiences to enjoy during your stay.


Photo Credit: Reethi Faru Resort

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