The Embassy of Maldives in Germany, together with the Federal Association of Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA), co-hosted a webinar entitled “Investing in the Maldives”.

With over 100 participants, the Webinar provided an important opportunity for the business community in Germany to engage in dialogue with officials from different sectors in the Maldives towards further advancing commercial diplomacy between the two countries. Supported by both the governments, the Webinar was attended by Minister of Economic Development, Honorable Uz. Fayyaz Ismail, who also delivered a keynote address.

Also speaking at the webinar was Minister of State for Foreign Affairs H.E. Ahmed Khaleel who highlighted that today’s event is an important event in building resilience through partnerships and strengthening economic relations and cooperation between Maldives and Germany. “Along with relevant counterparts and line ministries at home, our embassies will actively work as ‘agents’ to mobilise aid, promote tourism, facilitate trade and attract investment opportunities,” he noted.

Ambassador of Maldives in Germany, H. E. Ahmed Latheef, in his welcome remarks highlighted the importance of German investment in the renewable energy sector and observed that “while, the Maldives may be small, we have a presence in international media that goes beyond our size and when you invest with solutions that help the Maldives deal with climate change, your solutions are seen and heard at a scale that will allow you to make a significant contribution to the rest of the world”.

Senior officials from Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Finance and Ministry Environment participated in the webinar. Participants from the different Ministries provided an overview of Maldives’ recovery priorities and investment opportunities.

The Federal Association of Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA) of Germany, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of German Parliament, Ambassadors of Sweden, Finland, Russia, Embassy of Germany to the Maldives, participated in the Webinar in addition to the business community in Germany.

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