The Maldives recorded 92,103 tourist arrivals as of 1 February 2021, a significant rise in the tourist recovery for the new year.

As of 31 January 2021, Russia remains the top market for tourist arrivals into the Maldives with 20,973 tourists for the new year, followed by India with 19,135 arrivals, and Ukraine with 7210 arrivals. Kazakhstan entered the top 10 markets with 4,434 tourists, Romania with 3,921 tourists, followed by France, Germany,  the United Kingdom (UK), Czech Republic, and the United States of America (USA), respectively.

As the Maldives witnesses steady recovery in the tourism sector, following the negative impact caused by the global pandemic, numerous tourist accommodation facilities are continuing to restart operations to welcome back tourists to the destination. As of 1 February 2021, 144 resorts have reopened, along with 324 guesthouses, 135 safari vessels, and 11 hotels. The total number of arrivals for the previous year of 2020, was approximately 555,399 tourists according to statistics provided by the Tourism Ministry. 

Tourists traveling to the Maldives must provide authorities with a negative PCR test upon their arrival at the holiday destination. The PCR test must include relevant details such as the name and address of the laboratory that performed the testing, result of the test, date of testing as well as name and signature of the issuing officer. It must be submitted to Maldives Immigration via its IMUGA platform ( when filling out the Traveler Health Declaration.

Even after providing a negative PCR test, airport authorities may still be liable to subject passengers to screening or any other surveillance measures during the arrival process of travelers. Visitors that show symptoms of the coronavirus and any individuals traveling with such visitors will be tested at their own expense.

After borders reopened on 15 July 2020, all tourists will receive a 30-day free on-arrival visa with a confirmed booking to stay at any registered tourist accommodation in the Maldives.


Photo Credit: Maldives Magazine

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