Maldives, March 10, 2021, The Ministry of Tourism has unveiled the logo which will be used as the official branding, in all promotional activities and events to celebrate 50 years of tourism in Maldives in 2022.

In a virtual ceremony held today, the logo was officially launched by one of the longest-serving tourism and hospitality professionals in the industry, the Chairman of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), Mr. Mohamed Umar Manik. Speaking at the virtual event Mr. Manik said that although the types of travelers have evolved over the years, the beauty of the Maldives still remains as the core element. He further reflected back on the evolution of the industry as a whole, highlighting the magnitude of how services and facilities have heightened over the years. He concluded by conveying the tourism industry a successful future.

The logo launching ceremony participants included MATI’s Vice Chairman Mr. Hussain Afeef, current Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem, the first Minister of Tourism in the country, Ahmed Mujthaba, the Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom alongside the Managing Director of the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed as well as Guesthouse Association of Maldives (GAM)’s President, Mr. Abdulla Nasheed. The details regarding the plans for the celebration of the Golden Jubilee were shared by Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom. He was thankful to all industry professionals who took part in the virtual event and specially thanked the talented artists behind the design of the logo. The Golden Jubilee logo was designed by Ahmed Nashath and Mohamed Azlif, reflecting the rich culture, heritage, and environment of the Maldives.

Mr. Hussein Afeef, Vice Chairman of MATI called upon relevant authorities in accelerating efforts to ensure that Maldivians are benefiting from the profits being generated by the industry. In addition, he expressed appreciation to the government and industry stakeholders in maintaining partnerships looking towards efforts to further develop the industry and maintain its position in the global arena.

The countdown for the “Golden Jubilee Year of Maldives Tourism 2022” has already begun on Jan 01, 2021, with a video message from George Corbin, one of the first tourists to visit the Maldives. He has also played a vital role in the inception of tourism in the Maldives. The countdown will continue till 31st December 2021, with video messages featuring senior industry stakeholders, individuals, and other tourism-related personals. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the government is in discussion with industry stakeholders to plan the activities for a grand celebration of the Golden Jubilee Year of Maldives Tourism 2022.

During the press briefing, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom highlighted that in celebration of the Golden Jubilee, the government plans to bring more local employers and employees forward in the tourism industry, with more Maldivian entrepreneurs leading the sector. 

Since its inception in 1972, Tourism has been the main source of income for the country and plays a pivotal role in generating foreign revenue and creating a basis for livelihood for many locals. Tourism in the Maldives started with just two resorts, with a capacity of about 280 beds. Over the decades privately owned one-island one-resort concept of the Maldives flourished, with the number of tourists visiting the Maldives continuously rising. In 2009, the concept of a local guesthouses was initiated; opening a doorway for community-based tourism with local communities sharing their culture and traditions with tourists. As the tourism industry comes together to celebrate 50 years, it has achieved progressive milestones over the years and is anticipated to continue to achieve remarkable success in the future.

IMTM Pvt Ltd was established in 2018 as a national development facilitator, contributor, and planner to the tourism industry. IMTM will join the celebration of the Golden Year of Maldives Tourism and assist the government in every way possible to achieve its goals for the tourism industry, especially as a MICE tourism facilitator. Thus, over the years the company has been working to further promote the tourism of Maldives by providing a platform for international buyers to conduct business with local accommodation providers including resorts, hotels, liveaboards, guesthouses, and local travel agents. The International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM), travel and trade fair is conducted in hopes of promoting Maldives as a world-class MICE destination, which will be the cornerstone in the future development of the industry.

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