A memorandum of understanding is signed between the European Institute for Export Compliance (EIFEC) and Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) to implement the Health Emergency Risk Compliance Management System (HER-CMS) at Velana International Airport (VIA) in a ceremony held at MACL Corporate Office.
Through the partnership, EIFEC will assist to design, prepare and implement the Health Emergency Risk Compliance Management System (HER-CMS) in epidemic context at VIA that can be integrated with managed departments of MACL and its certification. A strategic process for implementing HER-CMS includes, analysing the situation of the company, set up of compliance management system and staff training.
In this regard, a series of staff training will be conducted by a team from the University of Turin jointly with trainers by the Maldives National University, thus receiving the EIFEC accreditation as Compliance Officers which provides international recognition. The EIFEC Compliance Standards and certification have been endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Health Protection Authority (HPA).
harles M. Giacoma, Director General, EIFEC, said, “Velana International Airport of the Maldives, the main Gateway of the country today laid the cornerstone in being the first airport in the country to be “vaccinated” with international compliance standards, joining the international network of compliance to combat the global Covid-19 pandemic and striving towards sustaining the economy and livelihoods by measures in keeping the country safe.”
The certified HER-CMS would integrate all systems established at VIA to combat the global health emergency risk into one functional system to maximize its efficacy. Moreover, the Airport Certification would also provide further assurance to visitors that VIA is adhering to international standards and best practices and is committed to providing a safe environment for them, which is a vital factor to encourage more travelers to visit the Maldives.

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