The Tourism Ministry of Maldives has announced that effective from 20 April 2021,  travellers who has completed the Covid-19 vaccination will be permitted to enter the island nation without negative PCR test.

According to a twitter statement, travelers to Maldives who have completed their two doses of Covid-19  vaccination (recognized by WHO) 2 weeks prior to travel are now exempted from the pre arrival Negative PCR requirement and do not require to undergo or observe the travel  quarantine on arrival to the Maldives. In addition travellers must submit Vaccine Certificate to imuga.immigration prior to travel.

However, work permit holders arriving to the Maldives to work in any of the following  areas are required to present a PCR test for which the sample was taken within a maximum of 96  hours prior to their travel to the Maldives. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the individual will  be required to take a PCR test upon arrival. 

1) Individuals working in any form of Healthcare Facility  

2) Individuals working in any form of Daycare Centers 

3) Individuals working in any Educational Institution 

4) Individuals working in any Residential care facilities 

Furthermore, Travel quarantine has also been exempted for ALL individuals  travelling to an island where 60% of the island population (including tourist resort/guesthouse and hotel islands) have completed  the two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). However if 60% of the island population have NOT completed two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, travel quarantine exemption can be exercised if the individual travelling has completed the two doses of any Covid-19 vaccine recognized  by the WHO, two weeks prior to said travel. They will also be required to submit a negative PCR test if the individual is travelling from an island with a sample positivity rate of more than 5%. A negative PCR test is also required for accompanying children who are not eligible  for a Covid-19 vaccine.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) will be regularly publishing a list of the islands who have  completed two doses of vaccination for 60% of the population, as well as the islands with a sample  positivity rate of more than 5%

The Maldives has remained open for tourists since July of last year, and across all of its private island resorts, has implemented COVID-19 health and safety measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of visitors. Guests travelling to the Maldives can enjoy a stress-free journey as hotels across the islands offer convenient PCR testing within the resorts ahead of their return flight.

Maldives commenced the nationwide vaccination program on 1st February 2021. With 90% of tourism industry workers vaccinated already, Maldives continues its efforts to be among the first countries to give COVID-19 vaccination opportunities to all working in the tourism sector. The country will also soon launch its 3V initiate where holidaymakers visiting The Maldives will be able to get COVID-19 vaccination on arrival to the island nation.

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