It’s time for 2021 World Travel Awards (WTA). This prestigious award was established 28 years ago to provide recognition to outstanding resorts, as voting by the people who know them best – their customers. One of the travel industries’ most coveted accolades, the WTA brand is recognised as the global standard for excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry.

We are very proud to announce the Lily Beach Resort & Spa has been nominated in three categories:

  • Maldives’ Leading All-Inclusive Resort
  • Maldives’ Leading Family Resort
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Family Resort


In 2020 Lily Beach was voted the ‘Maldives’ Leading All-Inclusive Resort’ – 5 years in a row since 2016. To keep the winning streak going, we would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to cast your vote in the 2021 awards and help your favourite resort bring home another awards, or two, or three!


  1. Click on the link here –
  2. Register (it’s there to prevent fraud/fake votes).
  3. You will receive an email in which you need to verify your email address – please do so in order for your votes to be valid.
  4. Click on ‘Start voting’.
  5. Select ‘Indian Ocean’ on the left, followed by ‘Indian Ocean’s Leading Family Resort’ in the list called Outstanding Votes below.
  6. Choose Lily Beach Resort & Spa in the list.
  7. Select ‘Maldives’ on the left, followed by ‘Maldives’ Leading All-Inclusive Resort’ in the list called Outstanding Votes below.
  8. Choose Lily Beach Resort & Spa in the list.
  9. Select ‘Maldives’ on the left, followed by ‘Maldives’ Leading Family Resort’ in the list called Outstanding Votes below.
  10. Choose Lily Beach Resort & Spa in the list.
  11. You have now casted your vote in call three categories where Lily Beach has been nominated.
  12. Check on the My Votes list below that you have voted correctly in all three categories. If they appear on this list it means your votes have been registered.
  13. Logout
  14. Keep your fingers crossed!

Voting concludes on 9th August 2021.


Lily Beach is a locally owned and operated resort in the Maldives that is the pioneer of all-inclusive tourism in the Maldives. Since becoming wildly popular with that concept in the 90s and 2000s, the resort reinvented the concept, bringing it to a higher level of service experience: 5-star luxury. It showed all peers in the Industry that All-Inclusive is possible and can be a great experience for guests who would like to not worry about a huge invoice during the stay, instead a generous offering of lodging, meals, and extra activities are all included in one great package.

Here are 5 reasons to vote for the resort in the above categories –

  • The original All-Inclusive provider and still the leader in that space by creating offerings that are highly competitive included in its only meal plan at the resort– The Platinum Package.
  • The resort has something for both families and couples where there is something for everyone to enjoy. The resort also has designated dichotomous specialised areas for couples and for families, for being active and for relaxation respectively. This is especially great for multi-generational group travellers where mom and dad can rekindle their romance in the quiet zone while grandparents can have oodles of fun with their grandkids at the pool bar at Vibes and Kids Club.
  • Food is at the heart of the resort where presentation of food is given equal importance as taste. The delectable delight of joy is felt in each bite at the resort which offers international cuisine and some specialised restaurants offering multiple cuisines such as Thai, Indian, and French.
  • Complimentary Excursions galore– every guest has access to many complimentary services at the resort such as snorkelling, fishing, sunset cruise, one group yoga class per guest, etc.
  • The resort has many activities for kids as well such as going on half-submarine Penguin ride around the island, learning to paint with our resident Artist Sirey and learning how to cook fun food with our chefs, learning about fish at the Dive Centre as well, etc. Rest assured kids can have an entertaining and educational experience at Lily Beach.


Please click the link below to vote for lily beach:

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