THE OZEN COLLECTION has introduced ELE | NA ELEMENTS OF NATURE with great excitement, a healing sanctuary that is sure to leave you re-energised, revitalised and in a blissful state. Inspired by the natural elements, blue water, white sand and lush green tropical forest, THE OZEN COLLECTION welcomes its guests to a multitude of renowned healers and wellness practitioners, who are ready to add their magical touch to the guest experience of both OZEN LIFE MAADHOO and OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI.
A bespoken virtual Wellness Plan including exclusive sessions with visiting practitioners will welcome you even before you step on the island! With carefully put together sessions of a wide choice of therapies THE OZEN COLLECTION brings – spiritual practices, traditional healing and the latest in beauty and aesthetic treatments. 
Here is a sneak peek into the wellness agenda for July and August at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI: 
  • Leverne King, hailing from South Africa, A Certified Medical Aesthetician (skin specialist) – brings a unique range of Medi Spa treatments. Guests can look forward to anti-ageing treatments and skincare routines that will leave them looking fresh, youthful and radiant
  • August brings Claude Simard, a Canadian psycho-energetic massage specialist. Claude’s signature treatment, Psycho-Energetic Massage, leverages upon his highly developed sensitivity and powerful intuitive skills, promising an immersive, one-of-a-kind healing session
  • Guests can find Jill Banwell in residence during the month of August as well. An expert healing arts specialist – she specializes in reiki, crystal healing, therapeutic tarot readings, yoga, massage therapy and meditation.
  • Lorelei Bulan, specializes in organic movement, breathing and dance therapy that helps awaken the senses and balance the Chakra. 
Sister Resort, OZEN LIFE MAADHOO has exciting international practitioners coming in for the upcoming months as well, including: 
  • Caroline Alboneti addresses health and beauty concerns through highly effective Acupuncture and Naturopathic treatments. Her integrative approach includes rituals for facial rejuvenation and physical, mental, and emotional healing.
  • Connect at a deeper level with your surroundings and leave with a lasting sense of peace and wellbeing with Sound healing therapist Michelle Bernadette Saudan – who uses powerful vibroacoustic sounds to create a deeply spiritual practice bringing a new way to balance to your energy.
  • Wellness coach, Eduardo Sierra offers a variety of massages (Swedish, Chinese traditional fire cupping, and Tui Na), personal fitness training and life coaching. 
As an added bonus, guests can schedule virtual sessions with the following therapists from the comfort of their homes
  • Mind-body wellbeing specialist, Paul Emery promises cutting-edge online therapy for gently releasing stress, anxiety and emotional blockages.
  • Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and naturopathy healing specialists, Paramjot Singh Khalsa and Evelyn Wörz, offer guided virtual sessions to overcome stress, anxiety, fear, and addictions.


By personalizing the wellness journey of its guests with a little bit of flexibility and joy added at every step, THE OZEN COLLECTION challenges the one size fits all approach to wellbeing. Whatever the guests need whether it be – easing pain, improving aesthetics, or dealing with emotional baggage – you can find a solution to all your problems with THE OZEN COLLECTION ELE | NA & wellness packages.

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