Maldives have eased travel restriction on South Asian coutries by restarting the the issuing of on arrival tourist visa to tourists travelling from South Asia.  

According to the circular by the Ministry of Tourism, tourists traveling from South Asia will be issued on-arrival tourist visa, tentatively from 15th July 2021 subject to review of the Covid-19 situation of the respective South Asian Country at that time.

It also state that inbound tourists from South Asia may be accommodated in Guesthouses in Local Islands, effective from 30th July 2021. Furthermore, effective from 8th July 2021, individuals who have completed two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine 2 weeks prior to travel date, may be exempted from the mandatory travel quarantine (within Maldives) given that a Negative PCR test (taken 72 hours prior to travel) is presented. However, approval should be obtained through “HAALUBELUN PORTAL” and it shall be ensured that none of the respective islands/tourist establishments are under monitoring status before travel.

Additionally, effective from 7th July,  for work-Permit holders inbound to the Maldives from abroad, mandatory quarantine period is reduced to a period of 7 days, given that they present a Negative PCR test taken 96 hours prior to departure AND have completed 2 doses of a WHO recognised Covid-19 vaccine 2 weeks prior to the travel date. Individuals who do not fulfil this requirement shall complete 14 (fourteen) days of quarantine. Those undergoing the quarantine period shall only be released after completion of a PCR test followed by a confirmed Negative Result.

The circular also states that designated facilities for quarantine of Work Permit holders by HPA. In addition, work permit holders quarantine must be pre-requested to [email protected] 24 hours prior to travel by the employer or employee themselves. 

“We take this opportunity to thank all tourist facilities for the support & cooperation extended to us at all times. For further clarification, please contact our Situation Monitoring Unit (SMU) on (+960) 9423131 or email us at [email protected]” read the circular from Tourism Ministry of Maldives.

For further information on the circular please visit

On May 2021 it was announced that with the authority vested with Director General of Public Health under the clause number 34 and 12 of the Public Health Act 7/2012, to halt any further check-ins of inbound tourists from South Asian Countries to Guesthouses and Hotels in Inhabited Islands (excluding hotels and guesthouses in secluded areas of the Inhabited Islands), in order to further strengthen travel restrictions for South Asian Countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka).  The circular also started to temporarily suspend the entry of Work Permit Holders to Maldives from mentioned South Asian Countries 

In addition the government has also eased the extended lockdown of the capital area due to resurgence of COVID-19 cases, the Maldivian government has announced that it is easing the current restrictions.

During the press conference, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih shared that, starting from July 1st 2021, the Covid-19 curfew hours in Male’ City would be from 08.00 pm to 04.00 am. As the Maldivian government’s current objective is to restart the economy following the lockdown, all businesses will be allowed to resume its daily operations during non-curfew hours, including restaurants dine-in services, gyms and salons. It was also highlighted that persons who have contracted and recovered from Covid-19 would be allowed to travel between islands in the Maldives without having to quarantine for 60 days.

With the newly presented eases, the Maldivian government hopes to restart its economy whilst keeping minimum restrictions to keep the Covid-19 cases at bay.

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