Visit Maldives hand in hand with Maldives Artist Community (MAC) is inviting all artists, both international and local to take part in “Thasveeru: Maldives Through Art” – an international art competition aimed to celebrate and support local and international rising artists whilst promoting the natural beauty of Maldives.

After careful consideration “Celebration of Nature: Beautiful Ecosystems” was chosen as the theme for the competition – to show that Maldives has a diverse range of natural habitats and offers more than the award-winning beaches that it is well known for.

The campaign will be carried out under two individual categories – Local Artists and International Artists. Out of all the submissions, 12 eye catching pieces will be selected (6 international and 6 local) by an independent judging panel based on creativity, originality, the finish and the fluency of the chosen art medium. All 12 artworks will be celebrated on Visit Maldives official Instagram page. The final winners are selected based on 50% of likes received on Instagram and 50% from the total score given by the judging panel. The competition will crown a total of 4 winners – 2 international and 2 local artists. The 1st place winners will receive a grand price of $3000 whilst the 2nd will receive $2000 respectively. The winner’s artworks will be used in future promotional activities of Visit Maldives.

The competition is a unique initiative launched to empower the local artist community with a theme that highlights the awe-inspiring beauty of the Maldives and its natural ecosystems.

For those who are interested in taking part in the competition, please visit The final date for submission is 15th August 2021 before 12PM.




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