Combining sustainable design, exquisite villas and a paradisiacal setting, the new Joali Being wellbeing retreat in the Maldives is set to make its hotly awaited debut at the end of the year.

Set on the secluded island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll, a short seaplane journey away from Male International Airport, Joali Being is anticipated to be no ordinary wellbeing retreat. Nature is at the very core of this new offering, from its architecture and interiors, right down to its highly tailored treatments. With this in mind, Elite Traveler set out to discover what’s in store at what is set to be the Maldives’ “first natural immersive wellbeing retreat”.

General Manager Özgür Cengiz said, ” Along with infusing established practices, the island’s transformative venues open doors to new pathways of wellbeing. “At JOALI BEING, curiosity and wonder lead the way. He also noted that all the signature Immersion Programmes are highly customisable. Wellbeing seekers are invited to discover, explore and learn, with the ultimate aim of achieving “weightlessness” – a sense of joy and freedom.

JOALI BEING’s distinctive offering reflects several of the recent global wellbeing; Sound Therapy and Breathwork are ones of the most notable of those.
As the world enters a new era of balance-focused and immersive wellbeing experiences, Sound Therapy is at the forefront with ambient wellness music, soundscapes, and personalised healing sessions, fuelled by a growing body of scientific evidence. Research has shown a broad range of positive impacts of sound healing, from boosting mental health to improving mind and body balance.
Guests at JOALI BEING can experience the healing power of sound at two exceptional venues, created in collaboration with the retreat’s sound healing visionary. The Sound Therapy Hall provides a mesmerising space to restore inner balance through a harmony of music and vibration. The Discovery Sound Path consists of an outdoor sound therapy oasis, resonating with the natural rhythms of the island. The palm-fringed trail offers opportunities to interact with 9 unique types of instruments. “This is my favourite spot on the island. It makes me feel recovered at a soul-deep level,” shares Özgür.
The sound journey continues in the thoughtfully designed accommodations. In-villa instruments encourage guests to rediscover the delight of spontaneous music healing. Additionally, each of the 39 treatment rooms is equipped with signature sound instruments aligned with planetary frequencies and in synergy with its location on the island.
The second Breathwork has been labelled by some experts as “the new yoga”. Breathing is such an essential part of life, yet somehow overlooked in the rush of the modern world. Top medical schools agree that the way we breathe has a profound impact on our physical and mental health. Applied breathwork can boost personal wellbeing in a variety of ways: by easing stress and anxiety, soothing chronic pain, and elevating focus and clarity. With the advent of breath gathering and even festivals, breathwork is poised at the new frontier of wellness.
At JOALI BEING, breathing takes centre stage at the Ocean Sala. Gazing out at endless seascapes of turquoise, the over-water meditation deck offers an ideal spot to re-discover this fundamental wellbeing practice. With every inhale and exhale, learn to unlock energy and vitality, creating a sense of balance and rejuvenation.
JOALI BEING is set to redefine wellbeing in the Maldives starting late 2021 and is now open for bookings. To reserve your stay, please visit the website

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