Excited to have access to the most luxurious lounge in the Maldives for free?
Maldives Border Miles announces one of the grandest offers to its members. The program being the world’s first of its kind, introduction of free VIP service to Abaarana members will be another reason why you should be choosing Maldives over other destinations. While most of the travelers were thinking of a valuable reason to convince their instincts on deciding their holiday destination, the introduction of free VIP services will be the answer and another reason why Maldives could be the perfect choice.
With just nine months past after the commencement of the program on 1st January 2021, this additional premium reward of free VIP services will be offered to the Abaarana members of the Maldives Border Miles. Abaarana is the Gold Tier of the Program and the members shall earn four-thousand points to attain this privileged Tier.
The word ‘Abaarana’ itself describes the honor, as it is an honorific name given to monarchs during the ancient times of the Maldives, and perhaps this additional reward has made it the ‘cherry on top of the cake’, offering the attention and privileged status which our loyal visitors deserve.
The VIP service will allow the eligible members to unwind in the Maamahi Executive Lounge where they will have access to plenty of refreshments, a mini duty-free shop, and wi-fi. From the time the traveler step off the plane, the customer service team will take care of the passport and luggage clearance, also arranging your belongings to be transported directly to the destination, whether it’s a resort, liveaboard, or private island.
One after the other, there will be many reasons why you should become a member of the Maldives Border Miles.
Enroll as a member via and prepare to explore the natural beauty of the Maldives with additional benefits.
To obtain this grand service, Abaarana members are required to share the travel details to Maldives Border Miles via an email to [email protected], prior to 48 hours of the arrival time.

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