On Monday 10th October 2021, the  Ministry of Tourism has held a special workshop to discuss classification of tourist accommodations in the Maldives.

The workshop was inaugurated by the Minister of Dr Abdulla Mausoom. Speaking at the ceremony Minister highlighted the importance of a implementing a classification system in order to secure a successful tourism future in The Maldives. In addition he also mentioned that the classification project is part of the governments 5 year strategic action plan to improve the local tourism in The Maldives. 

Tourism related ministries, associations, stakeholders and other organisations participated in the workshop. Through the workshop participants discussed on the different classifications of tourist accommodations and explored the policies that are applied around the world.

According to a tweet by the Ministry of Tourism findings from workshop attended by industry stakeholders will help streamline Maldives Tourism Act and forthcoming homestay tourism. The homestay tourism project is said to be launched in January 2022, and through the workshop the homestay regulations and policies were also discussed among the participants.

The Maldives tourism industry already has  a variety of accommodation types, but at the moment they are mainly classified in four products; Resort, Hotel, Guesthouses and Livaboard.

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