Tourist arrivals on December fifth recorded the highest number since the reopening of the border. Recording a total of 6292 tourists’ arrival on Sunday, 5th December the Ministry announced that this was the highest number of tourists recorded on the same day since the reopening of the border.

The increasing number of tourists reflect the improvement in the international tourism market potentially following the vaccination advances around the world with softer restrictions for vaccinated travelers

According to the recent statistics provided by Tourism Ministry, the highest number was recorded in November with 144,725 tourists. The largest source markets recorded for the year 2021 were India (261,164), Russia (205,246), Germany (83,817). From January to November, India became the largest source of tourists to the Maldives with 22.5% percent of total arrivals.  

Maldives is set to break the record of 10.7 million bed nights recorded in 2019 but given the emergence of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron, it’s difficult to be certain if it can be achieved.

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