Thoddoo council has decided to welcome the upcoming year with a bash! To celebrate the new year and the golden jubilee of tourism in the Maldives, the council has an array of activities planned. Thoddoo council in partnership with local guesthouses is hosting a beach party to start the year off. The houses and buildings around the islands are going to be lit with dazzling lights and fireworks at midnight are on the agenda as well. The council urges all the citizens to take part in these celebrations.

Thoddoo is located 67 km west of the capital Male and 20 km north of the administrative center of North Ari Atoll, Rasdhoo. Thoddoo is a fairly large island by Maldivian standards. Moreover, a third of the island is reserved for farms, another third is the village, and the rest is the jungle. The population of the island is about 1400 people. Thoddoo is considered one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the country and is mainly known for its sweet watermelons.

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