Dhiraagu has signed as the Digital Partner for Ocean 6|50, the record-breaking dive attempt organized by Unix Sporting.

This event aims to raise awareness and advocate for a sustainable solution to tackle the issues of plastic pollution and the conservation of marine species and ecosystems in the Maldives. During the 50-hour dive, Mr. Shafraz will be holding a pledge that visiting divers can sign as a show of solidarity for the cause. The virtual dive event will be held in conjunction with the 50-hr dive where divers from around the globe can participate and sign the pledge.

Dhiraagu along with Unix Sporting’s tech team will be working together to provide full coverage of the event over water and underwater using customized pieces of equipment. The virtual event will be streamed on Facebook and Youtube.

According to a member from the Ocean 6|50 team, Mr. Shafraz will be using a special tablet underwater to communicate with the team and to live tweet, post on Instagram and Facebook. Ocean 6|50 will be the first underwater event in the Maldives to have live streaming throughout the whole event. This is the first of its kind in South Asia and if successful, Mr. Shafraz would then hold the national and regional record for the longest open saltwater scuba dive. 

Dhiraagu has been working to ensure environmental protection and building a more climate-resilient country in the Maldives. They have been committed to protecting our oceans and reducing our carbon footprint by remaining one of the largest utilizers of renewable energy in the Maldives. With Ocean 6|50, Dhiraagu aims to increase awareness and advocate for meaningful and sustainable solutions to preserving the oceans, for the lives and livelihoods of our future generations.

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