On 12 Feb 2022,  Maldives has set a new daily record, the highest number of tourist arrivals on a single-day with 7668 tourist arrivals since borders reopened in 2020.

In January 2022, 122,575 total arrivals were recorded which shows a 45.7% growth compared to numbers from 2021 January. Arrival numbers have kept their momentum as an average of 4227 tourists are recorded per day.   Tourists are seen spending their holidays for a longer duration, extending the average duration from 8.7 days recorded in 2021 to 9 days recorded in 2022. As of 29th January 2022, there are 53,942 operational beds. This includes 167 resorts, 805 guesthouses, 157 safari vessels, 13 hotels, and 1 homestay property. Russia has continued to remain the top source market since the 1st of January 2022, with a total of 18.1 % market capacity.

The Maldivian Government Maldives aims to achieve over 1.6 million tourists in the Golden Year of Tourism 2022.

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