Male’, Maldives, 8th April 2022 – Marcel Thiele will showcase his highly innovative cuisine to the guests; culinary creations which spring from a passionate personal philosophy and desire to incorporate age-old traditional wisdom and scientific knowledge to both heal, nurture, and nourish the body and treat it as the sacred vessel it is, and honour the abundant gifts mother nature continually bless us with.

Marcel Thiele is the founder of SPICEHUNTER®, a monumental undertaking in which he hopes to document the wisdom and knowledge of nature’s pharmacy; the various naturally-occurring and region-specific herbs and spices cultures and groups all over the world has discovered and incorporated into their diets for their incredible dietary, health, and medical benefits for thousands of years.

Dedicating his life to this task, he has currently visited over 90 countries, covering all continents in his never-ending hunt for spices, herbs, flowers, leaves, micro plants, roots, cress and other parts of plants, keeping sustainability and giving back to communities worldwide at the core of his practice.

Marcel Thiele is also a Herbal Nutrition Expert, ARQAN Sarl Ambassador – World Heritage by UNESCO, Culinary Patron of Via Delle Rose Luxury Catering Moscow & Patron to the Chefs Guild of Maldives.

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