Male’, Maldives, 10th October 2022 – SIMDI Group and ARABESQUE are on the verge of launching the world’s first luxury airline for leisure travel. The Maldives celebrates the 50th year of tourism in the Maldives this year. SIMDI and ARABESQUE are contributing to this significant and historic milestone by embarking on a mission to open a whole new world of luxury, opportunity, and class to the hospitality and travel industry in the country and the world as a whole.

For the past 25 years, SIMDI group has been bridging gaps in the commercial, travel & hospitality industry by providing world-class, high-quality products and services to the Maldives. ARABESQUE is a UAE based Investment company founded by experienced aviation professionals, all of whom have held top management positions at top-tier airlines such as Lufthansa, Qatar, and more. Together, these two companies are working to bring to the world its first luxury airline for leisure travel, BEOND. 

Photo credits | SIMDI Group

“We are proud to launch the world’s first luxury leisure airline here in the Maldives. We are working closely with the authorities to launch the airline the soonest and to many new destinations. The management of the airlines would like to convey the deepest gratitude and thanks to the government of Maldives and the relevant authorities for the support we have received so far.”, says Tero Taskila, CEO of the airline.

As a new airline based in the Maldives, BEOND will introduce hundreds of aviation jobs in the air and on the ground. It will also bridge the connectivity gaps of Maldives tourism and make the destination more competitive, allowing people to enjoy more direct flights to Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa, while providing a highly tailored, uncompromising travel experience.

“Now, with the first all-premium class airline from the Maldives, we are looking to grow to up to 60 nonstop destinations around the world”, says Mishal Ibrahim Mohamed Didi, Managing Director of SIMDI Group.

Photo credits | SIMDI Group

The founders and management team of BEOND has already met with the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Tourism to discuss their new venture.

The Minister of Economic Development, Minister Fayyaz welcomed the new airline operator “BEOND” to the Maldives, outlining the new growth opportunities for the tourism sector with the new global flight connections that BEOND will be operating. “We are very excited that BEOND, as a new airline, chose to be based in the Maldives. As a Maldives based carrier, the airline will provide more direct flights to and from Maldives, making travel to the Maldives even easier and more accessible.”

Similarly, the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdullah Mausoom also shared his support. “BEOND is a welcome addition to enhance the Maldives luxury travel segment. As a new Maldivian-based carrier, the airline will utilise the existing and new bilaterals of the Maldives to provide more direct flights to and from our country. As we are celebrating the 50th year of tourism, the new carrier, BEOND, will support the sustainable growth of tourism.”

Photo credits | Ministry of Tourism

Taskila revealed the BEOND team is still working on the details and timelines. They expect to have the first flights in early 2023 and estimate that they will directly create more than 200 new jobs in the first year of operations. 

SIMDI Group and ARABESQUE are on the verge of reinventing long haul travel and reinvigorating luxury. BEOND brings affordable luxury travel with an ultimate private jet-like experience and the utmost comfort for direct long-haul flights. More details will be released soon.

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