Male’, Maldives, 6th November 2022Trans Maldivian Airways hosted a familiarization trip for 22 students and 3 teachers of  Thaa Atoll School on 1st November. During their trip, the students were able to acquire practical knowledge of TMA’s seaplane  services along with a tour of TMA’s facilities at the Noovilu Seaplane Terminal. 

Photo credits | TMA

Team members from several key departments of Trans Maldivian Airways held information sessions for the  students, giving an introduction of their respective departments, the responsibilities that come with their roles  and how each department contributes to the smooth operations of TMA. This was followed by a question and  answer session where the students were able to ask about any queries or curiosities they might have  regarding the job roles, educational qualifications and pathways required to get to that point and more. The  information sessions were led by team members from Business Development, Human Resources, Safety &  Security, Quality & Compliance, Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) as well as Flight Operations. 

Following the information sessions, students were given a personalized tour of TMA’s facilities, including the  Guest Lounges, Boarding Gates, Seaplane Docks and the unique experience of witnessing TMA’s Operations  Control Center in action. Overall, the students were able to get insightful knowledge of the daily workflow and  a first-hand look into the daily operations at the World’s Largest Seaplane Operator.

Photo credits | TMA
Photo credits | TMA

Over the years, TMA has hosted several familiarization trips for school students of all age groups. Through the  information sessions led by working professionals, students are able to get a realistic insight into the day-to-day activities that entail their job roles. TMA hopes to carry out more activities in the future that will spark  interest in school students and young adults and encourage them to pursue exciting careers in the field of  aviation.  

Trans Maldivian Airways is proud to be considered one of the most sought-after places to work in the  Maldives. The company has been pushing boundaries in creating skilled employment in the aviation and the  service sector in the country, and aspires to continue being a responsible partner to the holistic development  of the Maldives for years to come.

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