Male’, Maldives, 29th November 2022 –  The Nautilus Maldives has launched The Nautilus Foundation, an independent public charity dedicated to building paths for a better future by providing opportunities for education, growth, and development. This philanthropic initiative has been launched in remembrance of Dr. Ibrahim Umar Maniku’s passing two years ago, and aims to create the scope for the people of the Maldives to reach their full potential, with innovative strategies that promote social development and leave lasting impacts.

Established in partnership with other companies created by Dr. Maniku, the foundation supports the development of creative and brilliant minds. It will provide various scholarship and grant programmes for those seeking to excel in their fields. The charity organisation aims to expand economic opportunity, improve public health and inspire community engagement through fostering partnerships and building relationships.

Photo credits | The Nautilus Maldives

The Nautilus Foundation honours the legacy of Dr. Ibrahim Umar Maniku, a leader and pioneer. Dr Maniku was a mentor, a teacher, a father figure to many in the country, and a visionary who had the confidence and wherewithal to build what most would say is impossible. With his vision of continuous development, Dr. Maniku devoted much of his life to creating better opportunities in the Maldives. The foundation follows in his footsteps as they develop relationships with world-leading organisations, societal influencers and pioneering community groups who share the vision for continuous development.

Photo credits | The Nautilus Maldives

The Nautilus Maldives Foundation’s focus lies in sectors that add value to the economy and will contribute to the societal development of the country, with a particular focus on the medical, education, hospitality, engineering, journalism, and aviation sectors. In addition to providing financial assistance through scholarships and interest-free loans, the foundation will also provide beneficiaries with mentoring to allow beneficiaries to unleash their full potential.

With the ambition to develop both the existing fields in the country as well as the new areas, the foundation provides aid to those seeking further development, without any restriction based on their gender, age or background. The grantees are, in return, expected to add value to the economy by working within the Maldives and thus contributing to the country’s development.

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