Joali Maldives and Joali Being is set to feature on the upcoming season of BBC’s “Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby”, showcasing their embodiment of opulence and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Scheduled for debut on August 13, 2023, this enthralling series will provide a behind-the-scenes exploration of the two exclusive resorts.

Renowned for their stunning settings and cutting-edge amenities, the fifth installment of Amazing Hotels guarantees an inside look into the operations of these picturesque getaways. Guests can enjoy unparalleled relaxation and connect with nature. Hosts Monica Galetti and Rob Rinder join resort teams to provide viewers with a sneak peek into the enchantment that occurs within the resorts. These locations are reachable by boat and are just a brief 20-minute journey away from each other.

“We’re beyond thrilled to be featured in one of the episodes of the new BBC series. Being a fan of Amazing Hotels for quite some time, we’re honored to join the ranks of incredible locations they’ve showcased worldwide,”┬áHakan Ozturk, the Tourism Group Managing Director of Gurok Group, the holding company of Joali, expresses his perspective. “Having the team on-site, getting an insider’s look at our operations, was an exciting experience.”

In addition to their remarkable facilities and memorable offerings, Joali resorts emphasize their strong bond with the local community. The “Joy of Caring” initiative reflects their commitment to creating a positive influence. Through targeted grant programs and endeavors like education, sustainable farming, and women’s empowerment, Joali showcases how luxury can contribute to and uplift the community, building lasting relationships and confidence.

The JOALI Reef Restoration initiative plays a vital role in rehabilitating the coral reef after the severe coral bleaching event of 2016, which resulted in the loss of 85% of the Maldives’ coral population. Through a two-step gardening approach, the resort nurtures corals in an intermediate water nursery before reintroducing them to the reef. The resort’s eco-friendly design is harmonized with the surrounding environment, safeguarding over 1,000 trees during the reconstruction process. Furthermore, the island enforces a strict prohibition on single-use plastics.

The BBC programme about luxury hotels? A British documentary TV series, introduced in 2017.The show focuses on luxury hotels, with each episode delving into the inner workings of a specific hotel. This interactive approach is reflected in the show’s subtitle. The series airs on BBC Two.

As audiences embark on the captivating voyage presented by BBC’s Amazing Hotels, they will uncover the extraordinary opulence and steadfast commitment to sustainability and community that characterize both Joali Maldives and Joali Being. Come along on this enchanting adventure to witness the seamless fusion of luxury and environmental stewardship in the breathtaking Maldivian Archipelago.

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