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Male’ Maldives, 1st October 2023  – Are you curious about what the world desires to experience before kicking the bucket? A captivating world map, driven by Google search data, unveils the most sought-after bucket list experiences in countries around the globe. Surprisingly, the Maldives claims the coveted number one spot. Here’s a glimpse into the world’s dreams.

Mapping Bucket List Desires

The global map is a fascinating revelation of humanity’s collective dreams, where each country’s name is enriched with its residents’ most-searched-for bucket list adventures. This extraordinary cartography project was undertaken by travel firm Kuoni, which researched 12 months of Google data in 219 countries to pinpoint the top bucket-list aspirations for each nation.

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The Maldives: A Global Dream Destination

Topping the global list is the paradisiacal destination of the Maldives. It reigns as the most sought-after bucket-list experience in 122 countries, including the UK, Australia, and the U.S. With its pristine white sandy beaches, crystalline blue waters, and enchanting sunsets, the Maldives offers a quintessential dream vacation. Kuoni explains, “It’s easy to see why so many people want to experience this the most in their lifetime.”

Bora Bora: A Close Second

In second place, Bora Bora captures the hearts of 19 countries, from Hungary to Aruba. This South Pacific paradise offers a serene sanctuary where visitors can unwind on its bright white sandy beaches and immerse themselves in the laid-back island lifestyle.

Regional Dreams

The world’s dreams are beautifully diverse, with regional preferences that illuminate cultural nuances and geographic wonders. In Europe, visiting the Maldives tops the list in 28 countries, while the Cinque Terre region is the dream destination for Malta, Greece, and Cyprus. Ukraine’s top bucket list experience is seeing Stonehenge.

North and Central America’s Dreams

Moving across the Atlantic, exploring the Maldives ranks first in 20 countries, including Canada, Turks and Caicos, and Barbados. Meanwhile, in Mexico and Guatemala, seeing the Mona Lisa reigns supreme. In El Salvador, the Northern Lights take the podium.

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Bucket Lists Across the United States

Within the United States, the map reveals state-specific bucket list dreams. While the Maldives tops the list overall, individual U.S. states have their unique aspirations. For instance, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a monumental sculpture of U.S. presidents in South Dakota, reigns supreme in 30 states, including Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. The Kentucky Derby is another popular choice in nine states, providing a thrilling weekend getaway.

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South America’s Dreams

In South America, seeing the Sagrada Familia tops the list in Paraguay, while Venezuela’s dream is witnessing the Northern Lights. Meanwhile, the Maldives continues to reign triumphant in several countries, including Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

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Africa’s Wanderlust

In Africa, the Maldives is, yet again, the most coveted travel bucket list item, with an impressive 45 countries, such as Egypt and Zimbabwe, searching for it the most. The Mona Lisa also sparks interest in South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, and Tunisia.

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Asian Dreams

Turning to Asia, visiting the Maldives is a top choice in several countries, including South Korea and Laos. Yemen dreams of scaling Yosemite, Turkmenistan desires to visit Big Ben, Malaysia seeks Times Square, and Pakistan aspires to explore the ancient city of Pompeii.

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Oceania’s Aspirations

In Oceania, 13 countries, including New Zealand, Fiji, and Vanuatu, prioritize a visit to the Maldives. In Guam, climbing the Statue of Liberty takes the gold medal, while in French Polynesia, visiting Bora Bora tops the leaderboard.

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Noteworthy Global Trends

Kuoni’s research also uncovers trends on a global scale. Some places are incredibly popular worldwide but top the list in very few countries. Niagara Falls, for example, ranks as the second most popular experience worldwide, with over 24 million searches in 12 months, but only takes the top spot in one country, Guam.

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