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Male’ Maldives, 11th October 2023 – Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels have made a splash in the world of well-being experiences with their exciting partnership with Umair Badheeu, a national record holder in freediving in the Maldives. Through this innovative collaboration, Umair will lead freediving-based well-being sessions for guests and staff at Kaimoo’s three exquisite properties in the Maldives: Summer Island Maldives, Equator Village, and Embudu Village.

Freediving, a captivating sport that explores the depths of the ocean with a single breath, encapsulates the essence of dedication and an intimate connection with our aquatic surroundings. Beyond its recreational allure, freediving also offers practical applications that can be used in activities like fishing.

Umair, a two-time Maldives national record holder in the constant weight bi-fin category, has achieved a remarkable depth of 60 meters and ranks among the top 220 freedivers in the world in the bi-fin category. As part of their partnership, Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels will sponsor Umair’s athletic and freediving training in the legendary Blue Hole in Egypt. Additionally, Umair will take part in a prestigious freediving competition in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, showcasing his skills and expertise on the international stage.

In this remarkable partnership, Umair will offer exclusive well-being sessions to guests staying at Kaimoo properties. Rooted in the core principles of freediving, these sessions aim to guide participants towards a state of deep serenity, all while surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the Maldives.

But this partnership goes beyond the realms of tourism. Umair will also conduct sessions for local communities with the goal of sharing safety practices and equalization techniques with fishermen, making their work safer and healthier. It’s a commitment to giving back and spreading the knowledge that can have a meaningful impact on the lives of the local fishing community.

Speaking about this exciting collaboration, Umair stated, “I am thrilled to be working with Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels to not only enhance my own skills and push the boundaries of freediving but also to introduce this incredible sport to a wider audience. Together, we aim to create unforgettable experiences and inspire a deep appreciation for the underwater world.”

Umair firmly believes that the training methods and breath-holding techniques used by freedivers can be employed by non-divers to reduce stress and improve their mental well-being. He describes freediving as “essentially a meditation on one breath,” where it’s just you, your breath, and the release of daily worries. Umair is eager to share the wisdom he’s gained with both Maldivians and guests, helping them find inner peace through the practice of freediving.

Mohamed Manih Ahmed, Managing Director at Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels, expressed the company’s excitement about this partnership, saying, “At Kaimoo, we believe in pushing the limits of adventure and exploration while supporting local athletes. Umair is the national record holder for freediving, and we are incredibly happy to be partnering with him to promote this upcoming sport that shows a lot of promise for the Maldives. We are proud to support Umair on his journey and look forward to a thrilling and successful partnership.”

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