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Male’ Maldives, 10th October 2023 Sun Siyam Vilu Reef is proudly celebrating its Silver Jubilee on 28th of October 2023, marking 25 years of excellence in providing unparalleled boutique luxury, authentic Maldivian allure, and sustainable hospitality in the heart of the Maldives. The resort has curated an exciting lineup of events throughout the month of October to commemorate this remarkable milestone, including an exclusive chef residency with renowned culinary maven, Chef Einat Admony from October 23rd to October 29th, 2023 and a yoga and wellness collaboration with celebrity yoga guru Regina Gimranova from October 25th to 27th, 2023.

On the grand anniversary day itself, October 28th, 2023, guests will enjoy a spectacular lineup of activities, including a flag hosting, a morning run, special lunches, crafting canapés with Chef Einat, a gala dinner with a live band, and a special party with a raffle draw. Everyone will be able to celebrate together with the resort team, and experience the magic of the Maldives as well as the warmth and genuine Maldivian hospitality Sun Siyam Vilu Reef has been delivering for an astonishing 25 years of extraordinary moments.

Exclusive dining experiences, a four-course popup menu, and engaging cooking classes are some of the culinary delights specially crafted by Chef Einat Admony to commemorate this momentous occasion. Guests can savor a range of Middle Eastern and Israeli flavors against the backdrop of the Maldives’ stunning beauty. 

Furthermore, Sun Siyam Vilu Reef invites its guests to join several yoga and wellness sessions and immerse themselves in the world of well-being with celebrity yoga guru Regina Gimranova. More than 6,000 individuals who have embraced yoga under Regina’s guidance have reported life-altering benefits, including increased happiness, enhanced self-confidence, and a profound sense of inner harmony. Regina’s teachings infuse a constant flow of energy and strength, inspiring new achievements for those who embrace the practice.

In addition, Sun Siyam Vilu Reef has embraced sustainability as a core value, and throughout October, the resort will engage in various initiatives, including celebrating World Elderly Day, World Teachers Day, and World Mental Health Day. These activities reflect the resort’s commitment to its local community and global well-being.

Thoha Yoosuf, the Resort Manager at Sun Siyam Vilu Reef, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Sun Siyam Vilu Reef holds a distinguished position as the inaugural resort in the Sun Siyam Group, a renowned hospitality and resort management company rooted in the Maldives. We’ve spent 25 years crafting unforgettable experiences and nurturing a sanctuary for travelers and marine life alike.” He added, “Our commitment to luxury, sustainability, and genuine Maldivian hospitality has made Sun Siyam Vilu Reef a place where dreams come true. We invite travellers from around the world to join us in celebrating our Silver Jubilee, creating new memories in this timeless paradise.”

The resort remains a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and nature, offering a tranquil escape where dreams become reality.

Nestled within the picturesque South Nilandhe Atoll, Sun Siyam Vilu Reef has been a beacon of enchantment for travellers worldwide for over two decades. As the inaugural instalment of the Sun Siyam Resorts narrative, this breath-taking destination has set the stage for unforgettable journeys, and now, it proudly celebrates its Silver Jubilee, marking 25 years of luxury, sustainability, and Maldivian allure.

For more information on the celebrations please check the anniversary booklet. 

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