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Male’ Maldives, 25th October 2023  – Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels sponsored freediver Umair Badheeu has set a new national record in freediving at the Andrea Zuccari World Cup held in Sharm El Sheikh from
October 10th to 16th. Umair’s remarkable dive took him to a depth of 64 meters in the discipline of free immersion freediving, with a dive time of approximately 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Umair’s record-breaking achievement was supported by Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels through a new partnership with Umair. Through this partnership, Umair will be offering unique experiences and lessons to both guests and team members at Kaimoo’s properties, Summer Island Maldives, Embudu Village and Equator Village. He will also be running freediving sessions for local communities and fishers.

Free immersion freediving is a discipline that requires divers to descend and ascend using a rope, without the use of fins or any propulsion equipment. Umair, also a record holder in the bi-fin category, made the remarkable transition to free
immersion freediving to explore new challenges and diversify his skill set. He explained, “I’ve always been motivated by the pursuit of new challenges. Free immersion freediving is a unique discipline that demands an entirely different set of skills. I am keen to constantly evolve as a freediver.”

“Kaimoo’s support for Umair underscores our firm dedication to empowering exceptional individuals to excel in their respective fields. We are especially proud of Umair’s new national record and look forward to helping Umair push new boundaries through this partnership,” highlighted Kaimoo’s Managing Director Mohamed Manih Ahmed.

Following his remarkable achievement in Egypt, Umair is now preparing for his next challenge — a competition in the Philippines next month.

Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels is a leading tourism company in the Maldives that manages five properties across the country. In addition to Embudu Village and Summer Island Maldives, Kaimoo also operates Equator Village in Addu Atoll, and the Mookai Hotel and Mookai Suites in Male’.

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