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Male’, Maldives, 31st January 2024 – In anticipation of this year’s Easter celebrations, JA Manafaru has spared no effort to present a festival of fun and endless entertainment for both romantic couples seeking an escape from life’s hustle and bustle and families aiming to strengthen their connections.

Launching an unparalleled 14-day extravaganza featuring diverse dining experiences, romantic excursions, and family-oriented activities, this northernmost remote private island invites guests to literally cast away to ‘Neverland’ and partake in an Easter magic festival, uniquely ‘Maldivian style.’

The two-week program combines traditional Maldivian experiences, a distinctive culinary journey, and, of course, a plethora of engaging activities for the young ones, all themed around the stories of Peter Pan.

Managed by the highly qualified Kids Club team, accredited by the leading luxury resort childcare services organization “Worldwide Kids,” the kids’ activities offer parents peace of mind, allowing them to slip away to their own adult Neverland and reconnect as a couple while their children are professionally cared for with endless entertainment.

With over 200 scheduled activities and experiences, each day of the Easter program unfolds as a series of storytelling chapters, filled with entertaining fun for both adults and children from 9 am until late. The extravaganza culminates in an island “Lost Tribe Fashion Show” on Saturday, March 30th, where the little ones take center stage. For Easter Sunday, a “Golden Easter Egg Hunt with Peter and Wendy” promises a treasure hunt adventure for all at JA Manafaru.

For full details of the Easter Program, download the brochure here.


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