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Male’, Maldives, 7th February 2024 – Maagiri Hotel is set to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience, blending romance and luxury for couples on the 14th of February.

Couples in search of the ideal combination of romance and opulence need look no further as the hotel introduces its special Valentine’s Day offerings. Enjoy a day filled with love, featuring a carefully curated selection of options at Maagiri Hotel. The focal point of the celebration is the exclusive Valentine’s Day Menu, meticulously designed to tantalize the taste buds of couples in love. From lunches to dinners, the culinary team at Maagiri ensures a gastronomic journey that mirrors the passion of the day.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Coffee Curve presents delightful Valentine’s Day-themed desserts, adding a charming touch to the celebration. Picture sharing sweet moments over intricately crafted confections that capture the essence of the day.

Maagiri Hotel extends beyond the dining experience, providing couples the opportunity to prolong their celebration with a romantic stay. Book a room adorned with love-themed decorations at a discounted rate, creating a haven of love.

Whether you choose an exquisite meal, a sweet treat, or a romantic getaway, Maagiri Hotel provides the perfect setting for you to craft your love story. Embrace the enchantment of Valentine’s Day in style and make this occasion truly special for the love of your life.

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