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Male’, Maldives, 20th February 2024 – Beond, a luxury leisure airline, has unveiled its plans to offer select passengers on flights to the Maldives the cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro headsets. These headsets aim to provide travelers with immersive virtual experiences, showcasing the beauty and attractions of the Maldives alongside Beond’s existing onboard entertainment offerings.

Tero Taskila, Chairman, and CEO of Beond, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting the transformative potential of the Apple Vision Pro in enhancing the inflight entertainment experience. Taskila emphasized the airline’s dedication to elevating travel experiences and took pride in being at the forefront of introducing this innovative technology.

In collaboration with partners in the Maldives, Beond will curate exclusive content tailored for the Apple Vision Pro headsets. Passengers can anticipate captivating virtual tours of resorts and insights into the diverse range of activities available in the island nation.

This announcement follows Beond’s recent expansion efforts, which included the acquisition of a second aircraft and the launch of passenger services from Munich, Zurich, and Riyadh to Malé in 2023. Additionally, new routes from Milan, Dubai, and Bangkok to the Maldives are slated to commence in mid-2024, featuring an all-lie-flat seating configuration designed to offer premium comfort to travelers.

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